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The cost of hosting through Airbnb

If you want to rent out your house, apartment or B&B room for € 100 per night, you will have to put it on Airbnb for € 87. The service costs for the tenant are then € 13.05 (based on 15%), which in total amounts to a rental price of € 100 per night. As a landlord, you still have to pay 3% service costs on that € 87. As a landlord, you will be left with € 84.39 as the final score.

The costs for renting through

At it works a bit easier and you only pay service costs as a landlord. In the Netherlands this is 12% for landlords. When you offer your house, apartment or B&B room for € 100 per night, you pay € 12 to So you will be left with €88.

The costs for renting out via Fun Curaçao

Fun Curacao only charges 8% service costs for landlords. When you offer your house, apartment or B&B room for € 100,- per night, you pay € 8,- to Fun Curaçao. So you will be here € 92,- left over. Fun Curaçao is by far the cheapest choice.


Fun Curaçao
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