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There is so much to experience on Curaçao, but unfortunately this is not always free. Are you curious how you can pay on Curaçao and what the average prices are on the island? Then you've come to the right place!


Curaçao is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but you cannot pay with the euro here. The currency used in Curaçao is the Antillean guilder. Its abbreviation is NAF or ANG (sometimes also fl from florin). This guilder came as a replacement for the former Dutch guilder. The Antillean guilder was first used by all the surrounding islands of Curaçao, but is now only active on Curaçao and Sint Maarten. The currency can be spent anywhere on the island in coins or notes.

A handy fact: You can pay by debit card almost everywhere on Curaçao. Before you travel, check whether your bank supports the guilder currency and whether your debit card is set to 'Pay abroad'. Does your bank not support the guilder or do you have a Vpay debit card? This is no problem! The Antillean guilder is linked to the US dollar, which is supported by almost all banks. This also makes it possible for everyone to withdraw money on the island. Debiting in dollars can be slightly more expensive than debiting in guilders.

Using a credit card on Curaçao? This is also an accepted payment method! Please note that there are additional costs associated with this that are not available when paying with a normal debit card.

Currency rate

The Antillean guilder is linked to the dollar, so the value of the money depends on the exchange rate of the dollar. On average, these are the ratios between the euro and the Antillean guilder:

  • 1 Antillean guilder = 0.50 euro cent
  • 1 euro = 2 Antillean guilders

Before you leave, take a good look at the exchange rate at that time, so you know exactly how much you have to pay and you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises!

Prices of the island

A stay on Curaçao is of course just as expensive as you make it yourself. The cost will also differ in high season and low season where it is of course cheaper in low season. Curaçao is not the cheapest island, but it is certainly affordable. Want to book a nice and affordable stay? Fun Curaçao has a wide range of via providers accommodations!

The costs of eating and drinking outside the door differ per location. The tourist spots are more pricey than the local eateries. On average, a main course in a restaurant costs around 40 ANG, which is equivalent to about 23 euros. Lunch prices are below. A sandwich costs an average of 15 ANG, which is about 8 euros.

Want to make a delicious meal yourself? The prices in the supermarkets also differ a lot per store. In the more expensive supermarkets such as the Van der Tweel or the Carrefour, the prices are higher than in Europe. This is because many products are imported from Europe. Fortunately, there are also plenty of local supermarkets where the products are a lot less expensive. Larger supermarkets such as the Mangusa Hypermarket also have an average price.

A day out doesn't have to be expensive either. Prices vary per tour/activity and there are plenty free beaches. The average costs for a paid beach are 10 ANG (5 euros) for entrance and a bed.

Tips & tricks

  • Never go out with too much money. Although Curaçao is generally a safe country, it is also important to limit theft. For even safer travel, a small pouch that can be placed under your clothes is ideal for money or valuables!
  • Make sure you have multiple payment methods available. If you have lost something after a beautiful day at the beach, you will not run out of money this way.
  • Please remember that extra costs will be charged for every cash withdrawal transaction. It is cheaper to withdraw a larger amount in one go.
  • Many banks have a payment limit for debit cards abroad. Check your situation before you leave!

Now that all money matters have been discussed, it's time to really enjoy! Feel free to have an extra drink, it's vacation after all!



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