Rent your car now on Curaçao

Rent your car now on Curaçao

Discover Curacao with a cheap rental car!

A rental car from Fun Curaçao gives you the opportunity to visit as many places as possible in the (limited) time that you are staying on the island. We deliver a good price-quality ratio.

Fun Curaçao is a popular choice for many tourists. Curaçao is therefore a very popular destination. This is due to the beauty of the island that goes together with the friendliness of the locals. To get there, without hassle and worries, it is best to rent a car with us. We ensure that your stay on Curaçao is carefree regarding to transport and comfort during your exploration.

Goedkope auto huren op Curacao

Rent a cheap car at Fun Curaçao

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Beautiful Curacao

On Curaçao all the beautiful sights are spread over the entire island. A rental car is therefore very handy. Curaçao is extremely popular among tourists and this is not for nothing. It is a beautiful island on which there is always something to do. Consider, for example, activities such as quad biking, boat trips and the vibrant nightlife. There are plenty of luxury resorts and hotels where you can stay but you can also stay in your own house or on a small-scale resort.

During your stay it is also possible to experience the local culture. This is of course a lot easier with a cheap rental car, with which you can explore the island. For example, drive to Westpunt, where you can enjoy the colorful flora and fauna of the island. Are you a marine lover or are you looking for a fun day out with the kids, then a visit to Mambo Beach or Jan Thiel is highly recommended.

A carefree holiday in Curaçao

Discover the beautiful island of Curaçao in a safe and reliable way. Of course you want to do this as affordable as possible. And you can! With our cheap rental cars on Curaçao you have the best rental car at your disposal. For business use or just for pleasure, there is a suitable car model for everyone.

In addition to renting a cheap car on Curaçao, you can also rent useful beach gear renting. Never drink lukewarm in your car again, but nice and cool drinks in one of our cool boxes. Drive to Westpunt to view the underwater world with the help of a snorkel set and then relax on a beach chair. It's all possible with us! After your stay on Curaçao you simply hand it in again and you don't have to buy these things yourself and leave them behind. That is a carefree holiday on Curaçao!

East of Curaçao

Are you curious what kind of beauty is hiding in the east of Curaçao?

Discover this together with Fun Curaçao.

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