Rent a cool box on Curaçao

Always cool on the road with our cool box

Do you always want a cool drink on the road? No need to drink lukewarm water? Then rent a cool box cheaply at Fun Curaçao. We have various cool boxes that you can rent during your stay on Curaçao. When you go out, simply put your cool box in the car and you have chilled drinks!

Keep your drink cool

Romantic picnic on a beautiful beach on Curaçao?

Then a cool box is also indispensable. Everything must be properly cooled on Curaçao because everything gets warm and melts in the sun. Of course you don't want this, so a cool box is a solution!

In many small supermarkets you can buy a bag of ice for a bargain, you do this in the cool box. Our cool boxes are of such quality that you keep ice in the cool box all day. So you have no time pressure!

You can easily lift the nicely filled cool box to your destination.

Rent your cool box at Fun Curaçao

Stay cool on Curaçao!

Koelbox meenemen naar het strand
  • Rental period min. 3 days
  • Professional quality
  • No credit card required

Enjoy on Curaçao

How about a nice BBQ on the beach? On Curaçao you can barbecue on almost all beaches and you can use our BBQ and cool box. You can rent it all at Fun Curaçao! You can keep meat chilled in the cool box and you can go out with ease all day long.

Do you want to relax while enjoying your chilled drink? That is possible with our handy beach chairs. They are nice and compact and easy to carry! This way you can complete your beach day. You can rent your entire beach equipment at Fun Curaçao!

East of Curaçao

Are you curious about what beauty is hiding in the East of Curaçao?

Discover this together with Fun Curaçao.

6/7 hour


Max 6 pers.

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