Local eateries Curaçao

Local eateries Curaçao

Taste the Antillean cuisine

How nice is it to taste the local cuisine during your holiday? We can assure you one thing, the Antillean cuisine is excellent! From fish to tasty stoba’s (stews), you'll find it on Curaçao. A big advantage of the local cuisine is that it is often cheap food and you get a plate for two. What else do you want!

We have tasted a number of eateries for you, which we think should not be missed.

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Top 3 local restaurants on Curaçao

Waterfront Terrace
This restaurant is located on the coastline of Boca Sami. You will mainly find only local dishes and are prepared by a real Antillean cook. Fresh fish is delivered every day and the stews get up early. Not only is the food very tasty, but the location is perfect. You can enjoy the sunset in the evening and you sit on the wind. Another advantage, it's nice and affordable.

Plasa Bieu
Nowhere else can you taste Curaçao better than Plasa Bieu market hall located in the heart of Willemstad. Curaçaoans come here en masse at lunchtime to enjoy a large number of Creole dishes. Do not expect too much from the interior because it is actually a large hall with tables where you can eat together. The food that they make and serve here is a treat. From a distance you can smell the delicious food from the kitchen. You can eat many different dishes here such as fish, chicken, stoba and soups. So you can't skip this lunch!

TIP: the real local tents are only open at lunchtime because this is the most important meal on Curaçao!

Pop’s Place
This is also a very tasty and affordable eatery at the Caracas Bay. You will be welcomed by a super nice and friendly hostess who knows everything about the menu. In the meantime you can enjoy the beautiful view over the water and you really imagine yourself in the life of Curaçao.

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