Sights Curaçao

Sights Curaçao

Everything you want to see on Curaçao

When you are on vacation on Curaçao, it is of course very nice to discover things. Plan nice outings and discover the beautiful sights of Curaçao. Curaçao may be a medium-sized island, but there are many things to do. We at Fun Curaçao believe that everyone who comes to the island here, even if only for a few days, must have seen the nicest things.

For example, you can book a nice trip to Westpunt or the East with us! If you would like to go out on your own, this is of course also possible. Rent a car at Fun Curaçao and take a look at one of the sights below.

Strandstoelen uren bij Fun Curacao

Visit the sights of Curaçao

Discover the beautiful Curaçao!

Cocktail uitje Curacao

Top 3 things to do

Klein (Small) Curaçao
Who doesn't like it, a bounty beach with an oasis of peace and sea turtles around you. You can find it all on Klein Curaçao. This small island is an hour and a half sail from Curaçao. It is an uninhabited island with a beautiful beach and clear blue sea water. There are many companies that sail here on fixed days and times, but how nice is it that you can decide when and what time you are going to leave and not unimportantly with whom you will sail!

If you want to go to Klein Curaçao then we recommend All Boat Charters Curaçao! This organization sails to Klein Curaçao for a nice price and you hereby rent a private charter with captain. So you determine everything that day and you don't have to take other unknown people with you. Curious? Then take a look at the website.

Land house Chobolobo
One of the nicest country houses on Curaçao is Land house Chobolobo. You learn not only everything about the famous liqueur Blue Curaçao, but also everything about Curaçao's history and various products from Curaçao. Of course the experience is not complete without tasting the liqueurs yourself in a delicious cocktail.

You can visit the Land house from Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. In addition, you can also opt for a tour and you will hear the special stories. Do you want to visit more Land houses? Then view our top three well-known Land houses on Curaçao!

Caves of Hato
On the north side of Curaçao are the caves of Hato close to the international airport. On the terrain and in the caves you can easily find the geological history of Curaçao and you realize that Curaçao was once below sea level. You will find special drawings of probably the Ararwak Indians and you go back to the oldest residents of Curaçao.

You can visit the caves under the guidance of a guide who will take you to this special natural phenomenon. The tour takes about 45 minutes and you will learn everything about what happened here. The tours are given every hour during the day. In addition, you can also walk the Indian Path at the caves. Here you learn everything about the plants and trees that are there and you gain a lot of information.

Blue Room tour

Do you feel like doing an active day on Curaçao?

With Fun Curaçao you can go to the Blue room!

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