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With children to Curaçao

To Curaçao with kids?

Is Curaçao a suitable country to go on holiday with the kids? This question is often asked and the answer is clear and simple: Yes! Curaçao is the perfect island for a great holiday with children.

Because Curaçao is frequently visited by Europeans and the Dutch influences can be found, Curaçao is a handy holiday destination with children. You have all the benefits such as drinking water from the tap and baby food in the supermarket. You can find almost all products that you have in Europe or a comparable alternative.

Activities with children on Curaçao

Because the climate is perfect, you can always go outside with your children on Curaçao. You have incredibly many beautiful beaches on Curaçao which are also suitable for children. Because of the low surf and it remains shallow for a long time, you can safely let your children play in the sea and on the beach.

There are also tourist places where many children are, so the chance that they will get nice friends is very high. The regions of Jan Thiel and Mambo are popular attractions for families with children on Curaçao.

Rental items in Curaçao

Enjoy your stay on Curaçao to the full

Ostrich farm with children on Curaçao

Imagine yourself in Africa on the ostrich farm of Curaçao. In a safari truck you make a tour of the farm where a guide tells you everything about ostriches. You can feed ostriches halfway through the ride. Children always enjoy feeding the ostriches. These beautiful birds are unique and large for children. The activity is well supervised by a guide, so you can let your children watch and feed the animals with confidence. At the end of the tour, the guide shows how strong ostrich eggs are and everyone, including the children, is allowed to stand on them. On site you also have a restaurant where you can order an ostrich omelet or ostrich steak. Children can have fun in the playground at the restaurant.

Christoffel Park

A large part of Curaçao consists of a national park, to be precise the 2,300 hectare Christoffelpark. For an active outing, you've come to the right place. There are hiking trails that lead you through dense forests and desert areas to the top at 375 m high. This is also fun to visit with children. They can clamber and climb wonderfully. You may not make it to the top with children, but the view along the way is also fantastic!

To sail

With all the water around Curaçao, there are plenty of opportunities for boat trips. There are many companies that offer boat trips. If you want a quiet boat trip, it is advisable to sail within the Spanish waters. This is relatively calm water and hardly any waves. Do you want to have a fun adventure? Then it is great fun to book a boat trip to Klein Curaçao. This is certainly suitable for children, but you have more waves on the road than at the Spanish Water.

On vacation to Curaçao with children

Not sure if you want to go on vacation to Curaçao with your kids? Then a few good reasons why you want to go to Curaçao with children:

  • Sun, sea and sand, relax while your children play in the sand.
  • Beautiful blue water that the whole family can enjoy swimming in.
  • Fantastic restaurants suitable to visit with children.
  • Lots of kids activities you can go to.



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