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Piscadera Bay is located just above Otrobanda in Willemstad. Piscadera Bay is the ideal location to relax. You are in a green area along the coast. A short distance from the center of Curaçao, the crowds for enthusiasts can also be found quickly. Along Piscadera Bay are a number of beautiful resorts with snow-white beaches. Not staying at one of the resorts? Then Piscadera Bay is also very nice to go to. In addition to a beach, you have a few nice restaurants that are definitely worth a visit.

Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay Curacao
Restaurant Pirate Bay Curacao
Tomatoes at the Beach

Pirate Bay is less dangerous than it sounds! Of course there are no real pirates, but the decor of the restaurant and the beach will make you feel like you're in a real pirate mood. For a relaxed atmosphere and the possibility to eat or drink with your feet in the sand, Pirate Bay is definitely recommended during your stay on the island. Because Pirate Bay is on the south side of the island, you can see a beautiful sunset here. For pizza lovers, the pizzeria is located next to Pirate Bay Tomatoes. Here too there is a nice atmosphere and you have a beautiful view of the beach.

There are also beach beds available, so you can combine a day at the beach with a delicious dinner. Even just a day at the beach is worth it.

Nice to know: If you hear crazy noises, it could just be the house parrots!

The fishery

View at De Visserij
Delicious food at De Visserij
Curaçao Fisheries

Located along the Piscadera Bay and next to Pirate Bay the fishery. At the Fisheries you can see the fishing boats coming in and a number of fish species are being prepared in front of you. Then you know it's really fresh! There is no extensive menu (often a choice of a maximum of 4 items), but this does mean that they have specialized in preparing the fish. The Fishery is especially for shrimp and tuna lovers 'heaven on earth'. There is a very relaxed atmosphere and don't doubt whether you can eat the shrimp with your hands. There are a number of washbasins throughout the restaurant where you can wash your hands properly. So, enjoy…. !

Nice to know: Fishing is a very popular eating spot on the island. For this reason, there may be a long queue after 6:00 PM. Can't get there on time? The line generally moves quickly so don't let this put you off!





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